Are you a business user? Globix is ​​the service for you!

What is Globix

Globix is a fast, secure and accepted payment system in major Italian cities through a network of local RadioTaxis affiliated with us, with immediate reporting and monthly payment by debit note: the perfect taxi subscription system for small, medium and large companies!

An innovative service

Globix is a reliable and easy-to-use telematics system. It is active at any time of the day and on any day of the week.

Employee Management

Globix allows you to control the access of your company's employees to the affiliated radio taxi services. For each enabled employee you can set the maximum amounts for a single trip, for the month, the limit of monthly trips and more.

Vouchers per guest

Vouchers per guest Globix allows you to offer rides to top clients quickly and easily.

Cost Control

You can check the cost of taxi transport at any time.

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